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In 2014, 50 crypto experts were asked to predict the price of Bitcoin in 2015. Predictions are REALLY hard.

In 2014, 50 crypto experts were asked to predict the price of Bitcoin in 2015. Predictions are REALLY hard. submitted by 6maud to btc [link] [comments]

11-07 14:14 - 'Here’s how we can achieve my price target of 28$ XRP The simple 2015 fractal looks to be in play 👀 (it could take longer to develop) All I know is that I hold some' ( by /u/pubgmoments7 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 4-14min

Here’s how we can achieve my price target of 28$ XRP The simple 2015 fractal looks to be in play 👀 (it could take longer to develop) All I know is that I hold some
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This graph shows Bitcoin price and volume (ie, blocksize of transactions on the blockchain) rising hand-in-hand in 2011-2014. In 2015, Core/Blockstream tried to artificially freeze the blocksize - and artificially froze the price. Bitcoin Classic will allow volume - and price - to freely rise again.

The graph below tells you everything you need to know about the way that Bitcoin price and volume normally always move in lockstep, tightly correlated with each other - until Blockstream tragically tried to interfere starting around 2015:
(There is a typo in the legend of the second graph linked above: "Bitcoin market map" should say "Bitcoin market cap[italization]".)
Bitcoin's "Metcalfe's Law" relationship between market cap and the square of the number of transactions
How We Know Bitcoin Is Not a Bubble
(Scroll down to see the graph - also note there is a typo in the legend: "Bitcoin market map" should say "Bitcoin market cap[italization]".)
Without artificial limits, Bitcoin volume and price are naturally and tightly correlated.
This tight, lockstep correlation between those two lines during 2011-2014 has been absolutely amazing - one of the tightest correlations you'll ever observe in any dynamic system anywhere, in economics, sociology, or nature.
Price and volume rose (and fell) hand-in-hand for 4 years straight - one of the most majestic examples of emergent phenomena in the whole history of economics.
Left to run its natural course, this graph would probably have continued in lockstep, and thus would have eventually gone into the history books of future generations, marking the inexorable emergence and dominance of the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin - the inevitable triumph of humanity's first decentralized and permissionless store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account - steadily rising through the years in price and volume - and in usefulness.
Then in late 2014, a new company called Blockstream tried to block this natural progression.
The oligarchs behind the ancien régime of debt-backed, violence-enforced infinite fiat thought they had figured out a clever way to attempt to make their last pièce de résistance while making some money too.
They brought out their their usual grab-bag of assorted dirty tricks which they typically use to take down any new social or economic or political movement that promises to liberate people from the stranglehold of private central bankers:
So far, Blockstream thinks they're winning in their battle to control Bitcoin.
  • They succeeded (during 2015) in splitting the community, maybe even creating even a few more useful idiots in the process.
  • They succeeded (during 2015) in suppressing the price: as you can see by observing how the lockstep correlation between price and volume diverged in 2015, with the price now lagging and sagging below the volume for the first time ever.
But can they keep spreading around their fiat and FUD to continue fooling all the people all the time?
Probably not. Because...
Now you can choose to run a repo without Blockstream's artificial scarcity on blocksize and transactions on the blockchain.
Now, instead of running the Bitcoin Core repo from Blockstream, you can run any one of these another tested and deployed repos, which do not artificially limit the blocksize to 1 MB:
Bitcoin is a natural, market-based and community-based, emergent phenomenon.
At its heart, in the words of Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is a P2P Electronic Cash System where Alice "A" can send to Bob "B" some amount of Coins "C", secured via a cryptographic signature.
It may come as a shock to certain people's egos, but even if most of the devs were to suddenly stop working now - the current system would probably work fine for the next few years - with investors and businesspeople continuing to gradually increase the price and volume in accordance with the desires of the worldwide market, and miners and full-nodes continuing to gradually increase the "max blocksize" in accordance with the capacity of the worldwide infrastructure - and everyone continuing to innovate and participate in the growth of the system in accordance with the desires of the worldwide community.
Bitcoin doesn't really need a whole lot of interference from devs trying to centrally plan what the "max blocksize" should be - or mods trying to centrally control what the "consensus of opinions" should be. These kinds of things are better left to just naturally emerge on their own.
Central planning and control are not needed.
As we have already seen, when the market is allowed to determine Bitcoin price and volume on its own, they both naturally go up, hand-in-hand - while the value of centrally-planned fiat goes down and and down.
And when the community is allowed to determine upvotes and downvotes on its own, the quality of debate naturally goes up - while the quality of centrally-controlled debate on censored forums goes down and down.
We all know that Bitcoin is supposed to be trustless and permissionless.
Bitcoin development should also be egoless.
As a dev or a mod, it's hard to "step aside" and let the market or the community decide. It's much more tempting to interfere: enforce a limit here, delete a comment there.
But the market and the community are emergent phenomena. They work best when devs and mods learn to put aside their egos and "step back" and let the market and the community do what they will.
This is the raison d'être of Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, and Bitcoin XT: learning to let the market and the community decide again - learning to step back again, and let the price and volume go up again, with no unnecessary interference from devs or mods.
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Predicting Bitcoin prices is REALLY hard. This is what 50 'crypto experts' expected prices to be in 2015 (Vitalik was one of the 50 experts)

Predicting Bitcoin prices is REALLY hard. This is what 50 'crypto experts' expected prices to be in 2015 (Vitalik was one of the 50 experts) submitted by ABitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Predicting Bitcoin prices is REALLY hard. This is what 50 'crypto experts' expected prices to be in 2015 (Vitalik was one of the 50 experts)

Predicting Bitcoin prices is REALLY hard. This is what 50 'crypto experts' expected prices to be in 2015 (Vitalik was one of the 50 experts) submitted by cryptoanalyticabot to cryptoall [link] [comments]

What do you think will be the price of 1 bitcoin in January 1st, 2015?

This question is based on the The Wisdom of the Crowds theory. Please write your answer in USD and avoid lengthy comments. Thank you. We will publish the results after we get at least 100 responds.
EDIT: So far the wisdom of the crowds predict 1 bitcoin will be valued in $1802 by January 1st, 2015 (which is in 4 month)
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Ethereum’s Price is Now Lower Than a Year Ago in an Echo of Bitcoin 2015

Ethereum’s Price is Now Lower Than a Year Ago in an Echo of Bitcoin 2015 submitted by bitnewsbot to bitnewsbot [link] [comments]

Bitcoin loses 32% of it's value in January 2015. Despite the price being an excellent metric of adoption, /r/bitcoin employs new strategy of "ignoring the price".

Bitcoin loses 32% of it's value in January 2015. Despite the price being an excellent metric of adoption, /bitcoin employs new strategy of submitted by BitKon to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

How high will the price of Bitcoin rise in 2015?

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Can you believe it? I used to post Bitcoin related posts in 2015 when Price of BTC was only $295! /r/Bitcoin

Can you believe it? I used to post Bitcoin related posts in 2015 when Price of BTC was only $295! /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Can you believe it? I used to post Bitcoin related posts in 2015 when Price of BTC was only $295!

I remembered few years back in 2015 when I was into Bitcoin but bitcoin was not as big as it is now. And No one knew if it would ever really take off in the very mainstream way it has in 2017!
The value of bitcoin has steadied somewhat after hitting a new record high over the weekend. The cryptocurrency, which is attracting a huge amount of mainstream attention, passed the $11,800 mark on Sunday night, before dropping sharply and then stabilising.
Now, week-on-week, bitcoin (BTC) is up 18 percent, while on a monthly basis, it has gained more than 50 percent and more than 1,390 per cent over last year.
Bitcoin is notoriously volatile, and its value is expected to continue to fluctuate wildly. Naturally, its spectacular rise has coincided with increasing amounts of interest, with more and more people now looking to invest.
So how do you see this playing out?
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“It could be worth nothing, for all we know. Anything anyone says about the price of bitcoin in the future is pure speculation and like predicting the outcome of a slot machine.“ — Jackson Palmer, creator of dogecoin on bitcoin price in 2015

“It could be worth nothing, for all we know. Anything anyone says about the price of bitcoin in the future is pure speculation and like predicting the outcome of a slot machine.“ — Jackson Palmer, creator of dogecoin on bitcoin price in 2015 submitted by bitcoinik to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

How is this going to affect the price of Bitcoin? (in Oct 2015)

I got this email today. Looks like all smart phone will start to have some chip or RFID or short proximity range ID to start making and taking payments.
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One big question: Will stocks lose $10 trillion in 2015 or in 2016? - Not related to bitcoin directly, but if 0.1% of those $ goes to btc we might see price escalation significantly.

One big question: Will stocks lose $10 trillion in 2015 or in 2016? - Not related to bitcoin directly, but if 0.1% of those $ goes to btc we might see price escalation significantly. submitted by kynek99 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoiners pull numbers out of asses to predict bitcoin's price in 2015.

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In the news • [coindesk] Poll: What Will Bitcoin's Price Be At the End of 2015?

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How high will the price of Bitcoin rise in 2015?

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Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 5/6/2015 – Another Collapse in the Offing!

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 5/6/2015 – Another Collapse in the Offing! submitted by BTCNews to BTCNews [link] [comments]

[WTS] Foreign Gold, Mexico 50, 20 & 10 Pesos, Mexico Silver Libertads, Russis 5 & 10 Roubles

Prices are firm; however, I am willing to combine or eliminate shipping costs if you are buying more than one lot. FOR BITCOIN SALES I WILL KNOCK 2% OFF THE PRICE
PLEASE NOTE, I am going to bed soon. I will answer PMs tomorrow morning in the order I received them.
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One of the 1985s sold right after the pic was taken, so there are only 6 in the lot. 1983, 1984, 1985 (3), 1992. The 1992 is a little rough.
Lot 5: 1899 Russia 10 Roubles Gold (0.2489 oz AGW) - $510 SHIPPED (2 of 3 available)
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If this doesn't sell I will think about breaking them up, but I prefer to sell the two together.
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I have an extensive supply of Air-Tite Capsules. If you want your coin to come in a capsule, just add $1.50 and I'll put it in one. Any coin pictured in a capsule will already come that way.
More pics: ,

SHIPPING: I'll try to combine / eat shipping as much as I can for multiple lot orders. Shipping to USA only. I take responsibility for shipping. If tracking says it was delivered or that it was out for delivery (they sometimes forget to do final scan), I consider it delivered. If tracking says it got lost or package damaged and empty, I will reimburse you fully or give you the same product if possible.
Payment options in order of preference: BTC, Zelle, Venmo, PPGS+3%. PPGS will only be available to users with a lot of feedback.
Thanks for looking.
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I want to share my 2017 crypto market experience for anyone who wants to read it, I was one of the greedy guys who knew nothing about trading and still made a potential ton, then lost it all due to, well... Being greedy and knowing nothing about trading.

This does not really bother me much, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it either, what could have been, I will try to be as brief as posible:

Back in 2011-2016 I was working as a software developer freelancer, back then I lived in Venezuela, and mostly used paypal to charge clients, paypal would constantly limit my account, but I would get it back after submitting documents and a bit of begging, this was the only way I could receive payments from international clients, and basically the single point of failure in the process of delivering my work and getting paid, if paypal permanently banned me I would be completely screwed.

About 2015-2016 my paypal got limited permanently, no reason stated, I thought it was really unfair as I only received payments from business in countries like the US or Canada, no sketchy money entering my account, anyway, when this happened I became incredibly stressed and depressed, all I could think was I wouldn't be able to feed my family anymore, and what would I do if an emergency happened that same day or week or however long it took me to figure out how to receive payments again through another method, all I had was held in my paypal account, so I had nothing to defend myself in the meantime.

Anyway, it took me about a week of constant reading to realize I could convince a few clients to buy crypto for me, I lost about 60% out of my stream of income due to clients ditching me as they didn't want the bother of purchasing crypto just to pay a freelancer they could replace for one that was easier to work with, I used localbitcoins to sell the bitcoins I got for national currency so that I could purchase what I needed, I was not really able to stock up on some bitcoin as an investment as I spent everything I earned due to sustaining my almost the entirety of my immediate family.

Fast forward to 2016 or 2017, and I start to try out purchasing bits of crypto, and trying to time the market to make a little bit more, doing this somehow I managed to convert about $100, into $400-$500 in a matter of a few months.

Then hits late 2017, around august I believe, when everyone was purchasing alts like crazy even if they were scams, most people were blinded by greed, me included, it was at that point that I decided to drop work for a few weeks to see if I could make some good profit out of the state of the market, and so I took those $400 or $500, and started to daily trade with it, making 20% sometimes, 30% or 50%, as well as sometimes losing everything I had done during the day, a few of the trades I remember doing was purchasing LTC, XRP, IOTA, BCH and a few more right before they 2x or 3x in price, I was doing swing trades with the entirety of my portfolio, because I realized I could earn more that way, so if I had 5k total in crypto, I would do the swing trade with the entirety of it, and either lose $1000 or make $1000 if it moved 20% in either direction, my only real strategy was to read up on most recent trading discussions on a few social media, which was no strategy at all, I was just being reckless, I remember I could only sleep 2 hours every night because I was afraid of losing everything while being asleep, I set a bunch of alerts, was stressed, didn't want to talk to relatives nor anyone because I would feel like dying when losing 10% or 20% out of my portfolio when it grew to a certain point.

Anyway, at some point I got up to $20k, or $25k, then decided to put it all in XML because I had read some discussions on it, and realized people seemed to really like it, don't remember exactly what was my entry price, but when XLM almost got up to $0.70 - $1 a few days or weeks later, my portfolio was worth $130k, and it remained that way for a whole 24 hours or so, If I remember correctly My heart was racing, I thought for sure I was going to make it $1m at some point

Then, of course, everything started to crash hard... just a few days later my portfolio was worth $80k, a few days more and I was at $60k, I started to panic like any regular silly greedy guy and tried to profit off some swings only to lose more than I would profit from, months of sleepless nights later, with a lot less hair in my head, I finally decided to take it all out, at which point I had about $12k worth of crypto.

I used that money to get me, my wife and my mom out of the country, I was also lucky to have dual citizenship thanks to my mom having been born in another country, so I could move to a first world developed european country instead of another struggling country in south america, I was able to set up proper bank accounts so that I could find good clients and make it easier for them to pay me my dues and still use crypto for those that were willing, and of course, I took my work back as a freelancer, although by this point my previous clients had found other people to work with.

In the end things turned great, I suppose, I would not have been able to save up those same $12k while working as a freelancer back in Venezuela, not even close, that whole experience got me out of that awful country and way of life, still, I can't stop thinking that if I at least had gotten out at $80k, or even $60k, I would have a down payment on a decent house, were, even 1/3 of the price of it, easily... instead, I blew through it while moving to the new country and paying a year worth of rent plus a couple of work laptops for both me and my wife.

This part of my life will always be a crazy memory to keep, and share with future friends I may make, so I felt like sharing it here as I have been watching the sub for a while, though I just lurk.
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PayPal vs Square: Which Fintech Stock Is A Better Buy?

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digitalization and has led to a spike in online transactions and e-commerce sales. According to PayPal, the penetration of e-commerce as a percentage of retail sales in the first half of 2020 outpaced prior external forecast by 3 to 5 years. Both consumers and merchants are increasingly adopting digital payments as contactless transactions have become increasingly important amid the current crisis.
The rapid penetration of digital payments led to double-digital revenue growth in the second quarter for PayPal and Square. Using the TipRanks Stock Comparison tool, we will place these two fintech payment firms alongside each other to assess which stock offers a more compelling investment opportunity.
PayPal Holdings (PYPL)
PayPal, which was spun off from eBay in 2015, has emerged as the digital payment leader. In the second quarter, PayPal added 21.3 million net new active accounts, reflecting a 137% Y/Y rise and marking the strongest growth in the company’s history thanks to a surge in e-commerce and digital payments. As of the end of 2Q, PayPal had 346 million active accounts with over 26 million merchant accounts.
The company’s 2Q revenue surged 22.2% Y/Y to $5.26 billion. And adjusted EPS rose 49% to $1.07 as the adjusted operating margin expanded 504 basis points to 28.2%. Total Payment Volume or TPV, which indicates payments processed through the PayPal platform, grew about 29% to $222 billion. Venmo, Paypal’s mobile payments platform, witnessed a 52% growth in its TPV to $37 billion.
Following the strong 2Q momentum, PayPal reinstated its 2020 guidance and in fact, raised it. The company expects revenue growth of 20% and adjusted EPS growth of about 25%. It anticipates adding 70 million net new active accounts this year.
To boost its top-line further and promote touchless payments, PayPal launched QR Code technology in 28 markets globally in May. CVS Pharmacy will be the first retail chain to offer its customers the option to use PayPal and Venmo QR codes at checkout in its US stores. The company will also launch Venmo credit card this year.
PayPal has also expanded its Visa Direct partnership globally to accelerate real-time access to funds for small businesses, consumers and partners across its platform. This collaboration enables PayPal to extend global white label Visa Direct payout services through PayPal and its Braintree, Hyperwallet and iZettle platforms.
On Sept. 22, Mizuho Securities analyst Dan Dolev reiterated a Buy rating for PayPal with a price target of $285 as the Mizuho E-Commerce Tracker showed that unique views across key PayPal partner sites (like Etsy, Groupon and Wayfair) remained strong in July and August and also pointed to potential signs of life in the beleaguered travel category.
The Tracker also indicated that PayPal’s unique views continued to grow ahead of partner websites in the last two months, reflecting persistent share gains for the checkout button. Overall, the analyst expects strong July and August e-commerce trends coupled with share gains to bode well for the company’s second-half TPV. (See PYPL stock analysis on TipRanks)
PayPal stock has rallied about 74% year-to-date and could rise further by 17% in the coming months as indicated by the average analyst price target of $219.77. The stock scores a Strong Buy consensus based on 28 Buys, 5 Holds and no Sell ratings.
Square (SQ)
Payment facilitator Square is growing rapidly as consumers and businesses are migrating online at a faster pace amid the pandemic. From February through August 2020, there was a 13.2 percentage point increase in the share of Square sellers accepting online payments and by August, over 40% of all Square sellers were accepting online payments. Also, by August, more than 7 in 10 Square sellers were accepting contactless payments.
The company’s Cash App ecosystem delivered $1.2 billion in revenue in the second quarter, reflecting a whopping 361% Y/Y growth. The Cash App had over 30 million monthly transacting active customers in June. Aside from the accelerated digital migration, Cash App also gained from the impact of Fed stimulus, unemployment checks and tax refunds.
Second-quarter revenue grew about 64% Y/Y to $1.92 billion. But excluding bitcoin revenue, net revenue of $1.05 billion was flat Y/Y. Meanwhile, 2Q adjusted EPS declined 14.3% to $0.18. The strong growth in Cash App revenue was offset by the 17% decline in the company’s core higher-margin Seller business to $723 million. Square’s gross payment volume or GPV fell 15% Y/Y to $22.8 billion.
The Seller segment was impacted by lower volumes as several businesses were forced to close amid the shelter-in-place orders triggered by the pandemic. However, the company stated that the Sellers business improved with each month in the quarter as restrictions eased and more sellers adapted to the contactless platform.
Meanwhile, GPV from online channels grew over 50% and accounted for 25% of the Seller GPV reflecting the rapid adaption of online solutions by the sellers. (See SQ stock analysis on TipRanks)
Recently, the company announced two new features called On-Demand Pay for employees and Instant Payments for employers. These new features will further integrate Square’s Seller and Cash App ecosystems to offer financial services and simplify payroll.
Loop Capital analyst Kenneth Hill has just initiated coverage of Square with a Buy rating and a price target of $169. The analyst sees a great deal of upside ahead in the fintech company, driven by further investment in the business and monetization of the Cash App. Hill also believes that on the Seller side, the SMB network should "hold in well and continue a sustained recovery."
The Street has a cautious Moderate Buy consensus for Square with 14 Buys, 12 Holds and 2 Sells. Square stock has risen a stellar 149% year-to-date, so the average analyst price target of $151.77 indicates a possible downside of 2.5% ahead.
Bottom line
Both PayPal and Square have strong growth prospects in the digital payments world. If we look at the Street’s consensus and further upside potential, PayPal stock appears to be a better choice than Square currently.
To find good ideas for stocks trading at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRanks’ equity insights.
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I’m looking to have a major sale this weekend, hopefully some of you all can help me out.
I’d like to trade my gold for your silver – send me offers.
I’d like to sell or trade everything here.
That’s right, I want all 4 ounces of gold GONE, I’m sick and tired of looking at it! Just kidding, but I need to make moves that necessitate the sale.
Gold - Gold - Gold
1974 1 ozt Kruggerand - $1975 each
1986 1 ozt MCMLXXXVI AGE - 1986 1 ozt MCMLXXXVI AGE - $1975 each
(3) (4) 2018 ¼ ozt Queens Beast Bull - $525 each
(3) 2015 ¼ ozt Canadian Bear and Cub - $520 each
1928 0.1104 ozt Netherlands Ducat - $230 each
2000 1/10 ozt AGE - $225 each
2017 1/10 ozt AGE - $225 each
2001 1/10 ozt Canadian Maple - $225
2016 1/10 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle - $225
2014 1/10 Prospectors Gold and Gems - $220
(3) (4) 2016 1/10th gram Aurum Gold Liberty Note - $15 each
Government Silver - Government Silver
2020 1 ozt Australian Kangaroos - $30 each or $700 for the tube
2020 1 ozt Germania - $40 each
Junk Silver (18x - will sell in any increments)
$40FV Washington Quarters
$5FV Roosevelt Dimes
2 ozt Fiji Iron Man Mask with Box and COA - $180 each
Random Small Lot - $27.50 - Bache 1 ozt Silver Bar, (3) 1 ounce Copper
Valcambi Silver Full Combibars - $160 each
Valcambi Silver grams - $2 per gram - $1.75 per gram for multiples
9 gram silver shot vial - $9 Each
(5) 10 gram silver shot vial - $10 Each
JSB "Chonk" Hand Pour - $58 Each
JSB Rounds - Tube of (8) Sterling Rounds - $220 Each
JSB "Dome" Hand Pour - $28 Each
Shipments will be USPS first class for $4.50-$6.50, for 1 to roughly 8 ounces, or priority for $8, for over 8 ounces.
Payment by PPFF, Zelle, Bitcoin, and ETH
Prices are subject to change at any time due to market fluctuations and in the event of a listing error or update.
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If we repeat 2015 the Bitcoin Bearmarket is over now! How to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2015 List of Top 20 Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2015 2015 Bitcoin Price, Important Thoughts To Keep In Mind This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!

It could be said that 2015 was a year of consolidation for the Bitcoin crypto currency giant. Since the beginning of 2015 the Bitcoin price was bouncing up and down between the areas of $180 and $280. Yet, this hesitation was impaired in the beginning of November. Bitcoin price is still rising. Experts predict the future rise for Bitcoin price as in 2017. 4 June 2019 $7,750 The price of bitcoin fell by more than 10%. 15 June 2019 $8,700 The price of BTC has risen above $ 8,000. Experts claim that the 2015 pattern is repeating. 16 June 2019 $9,311 Cryptocurrency updated the annual maximum at around $9000 Bitcoin Price in 2015. The price of Bitcoin in USD is reported by Coindesk. All prices on this page are nominal (i.e., they are not indexed to inflation). For price history since Bitcoin was first traded on exchanges in 2010, click here. Bitcoin Price Chart, 2015 This graph shows the conversion rate of 1 Bitcoin to 1 USD at the first of each month. Bitcoin Price in 2015 ($) Bitcoin Price Table ... “I’d estimate one Bitcoin will be in the vicinity of $1,200 USD by July 2015.” — Matthew J Martin, Founder of “I hope that within a year the price will be driven ... The price of a bitcoin has been on the rise of late, but the year wasn't all good news. Let's look back to the few highs and many lows of 2015.

[index] [32351] [43647] [31782] [21653] [16656] [36991] [50028] [35007] [19324] [46592]

If we repeat 2015 the Bitcoin Bearmarket is over now!

Click on the time beside each currency to skip ahead and watch the commentary and review of the technologies and the price charts as we try and determine which might be the best investments in 2015. Bitcoin price outlook. #BTCUSD This pair (BTC/USD) shows such beautiful price patterns and it offers a very attractive risk reward ratio as described within a video. I share some of my learnt ... 😱This Guy predicted the Price of Bitcoin in 2015!😱 sunny decree. Loading... Unsubscribe from sunny decree? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 122K. Loading ... A video on the future price of Bitcoin, and prediction of the value of cryptocurrency technology at large. I've included my favorite model, illustrating a de... #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto. Category Science & Technology; Show more Show less. Loading... Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Up next The ...